The space around us can be a really powerful tool in starting, building and deepening our yoga practice. As we move on the mat, our focus begins to turn inward and what surrounds us can help us with this shift.

Before lockdown, for many of us this space was the studio, but with the physical doors closed for now, we are having to turn to corners of our homes to move and meditate.

So how can we craft a space at home that inspires the same sense of focus, rest and reset we want from our practice?

1. Make sure you aren’t going to be disturbed

The first step to creating a home practice space is making sure you aren’t going to be disturbed or distracted. If you have a little one, maybe ask your other half to watch them whilst you practice, or get them settled yourself if you’re a solo parent. If you have furry friends, try and tend to them before you practice too; you don’t want them interrupting halfway through to be let out or for a cuddle (unless that’s how you like to Savasana of course). The same goes for electronic devices - switch them off before you get onto your mat. This is your time, away from the world. So don’t be afraid to really shut distractions out, as best you can.

2. Get creative with the space you have

Your space doesn’t have to be huge either. Yes you want to be able to roll down your mat and have some space around you to kick a leg or two about, but really, that’s the extent it needs to reach. Just think about how intimate it can get in the studio! Even if you have to practice in your hallway, if it allows you to get on your mat and find your flow, there’s really no bounds to where you set up your home practice space.

3. Try and keep it separate from where you work

Do try and keep where you practice separate from the space you work though. This isn’t the biggest deal in the world if your office/workspace is the only option, but having that physical separation can help you really switch off. Like stepping through the doors of the studio, your practice space can help you shrug off any stresses from your working day, giving yourself a dedicated environment for your body to move and your mind to relax. Plus if you have a space away from everything else, you won’t need to keep setting it up each time, making it much easier to come back to and establish a more consistent practice!

4. Create some ambience and atmosphere

Music, plants and scents might just seem like nice touches, but these elements tap into the senses and can really help you dive deep into your practice. They help you connect your space with your practice, which is really handy if you are transforming a corner of your home that you haven’t yoga’ed in before. Bring your cheese plant from your bedroom through if you like, light the candles you only crack out on special occasions and rub some essential oils into your wrists. We also have plenty of playlists on our Spotify if music helps you get in the mood.

5. Have everything you need

And before you start practicing, do try and make sure you have everything you need to hand. Blocks, bolsters, blankets, cushions, comfies… whatever you think you’ll need during your practice to help you get in and out of postures, find some space in your flow and end in a super snug Savasana. You don’t really want to be getting up halfway through to retrieve something, maybe losing that focus you’ve built up as you do so.

6. Make it your own

Above all else though, remember this space is yours! It’s for you and should work for you :) If anything we’ve suggested isn’t working, try something else until you feel you’ve landed on an ideal set up for your needs. And switch it up each week if you need to. Your practice is always evolving, especially during this time, so don’t be afraid to change your space accordingly.

We’d love to hear about and see snippets of the space's you are creating at home for your practice. Comment below or send us a picture either on our Instagram or FB.

We LOVE seeing so many of you enjoying Trika at Home during this time and we are so excited to continue to support you all in this way.

Big love all. Trika Yoga Xxx