We’ve been thinking a lot recently about balance. What it means to be balanced. What to do if we feel off-balance. How we can bring more balance and alignment to our lives in general.

2020 has been a particularly unbalancing time for us all so far and now, as we begin to emerge from this whole strange and unprecedented situation, we are all trying to regain some sense of normality in our lives. But it’s difficult to readjust when everything still feels so uncertain. To find our centre again when we’ve been through such a de-centering time.

Feeling balanced can look different to everyone, but essentially it means there’s some stability between all the different elements of your life. You aren’t being pulled too much in one direction. There’s a calm that comes with balance that can both ground and hold you in the satisfaction of this present moment. At the same time, balance can provide a sense of possibility that almost feels boundless and free.

When it comes to a time where you feel off-balance, thinking about what you are balancing can really help. Many of us lead incredibly busy lives, and even if these quietened down during lockdown, the pace has probably already picked up again as restrictions lift.

Having a clear idea of what exactly you are facing will help you work out the best route back towards a more stable sense of self. Whether that’s writing a list of everything you have going on or just sitting for a few moments and thinking them over, seeing the bigger picture will definitely help when trying to fit the pieces of your life together in a more balanced way.

This might also be a good time to reassess your priorities. Sometimes finding balance is less a case of harmonising every element of your life and more a chance to shed any unnecessary worries or stresses. When we take the time to really look at how we are exerting our energy we may suddenly realise how much we have been overstretching ourselves in certain areas. You might then want to shift your focus to the things you deem important and worth your energy, and the balance you’ve been searching for may return naturally.

Another way to approach balance is to divide your energy into two camps; inside and out. A sense of imbalance often comes when too much of your focus is on one or the other. When thinking about how you spend your time, notice how many of these are internal or external activities. If they lean overwhelming to one of the two, then you may find balance again by navigating a more equal approach to inner and outer life.

Regularly checking in with yourself is the biggest key to balance. Whether that’s through a yoga practice, meditation or small and simple rituals you do every day, it’s important to create regular moments where you turn in. You might not even realise how off-balance you’ve been feeling until you do so. Perhaps with this space, you’ll realise the balance you’ve been searching for is already there.

You may even start to notice patterns or similarities in your feelings of imbalance. Perhaps the same things tend to take you off course and the more you establish a regular ‘check in’ practice, the quicker you uncover what exactly is sending you into a funk.

The same goes for getting yourself out of one; you might find certain things in particular help you find your balance. Try and make an effort to stick with those and work them into your routine, even if you aren’t noticeably unbalanced every day. Just regularly working things that ground and reset you into your life might just deter too many unbalancing moments from manifesting themselves.

And above all else, stay kind. To yourself and others. Balance sometimes comes when we let go just a little bit, smile and watch the day unfold with all the uncertainties that make it beautiful and unique.

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