You may have scrolled down on our schedule and noticed a number of classes throughout the week called Rocket Yoga. The name alone suggests it’s a strong practice, but that doesn’t mean all levels aren’t welcome. If you’ve yet to find a more fast-paced style of yoga that works for you, then perhaps the playful nature of Rocket is what you’ve been missing!

First formed in the 1980’s, Rocket is a style of yoga based on the Ashtanga sequence. Its founder, Larry Schultz, spent many years practicing the primary series of Ashtanga in a mysore style but became frustrated with not being able to move on; the next pose in the Ashtanga sequence is traditionally given after mastering the one prior, so if you become stuck on a posture, it can take a long time to develop your practice!

Some people like the structure Ashtanga brings to their practice and the challenge of really nailing a pose, but it’s not for everyone. Everyone’s physiology is different after all.

And so a new style of yoga was born. Based on the Ashtanga sequence, Rocket blends postures from the primary, secondary and third series into a really fun (but equally challenging!) practice.

Sequencing still features sun salutations, standing asanas, seated postures, twists and backbends, yet the approach is a lot more fluid and (for some people) more fun. Breaking away from structure and order, in Rocket you are encouraged to be playful when moving through more challenging asanas and to modify poses to suit your body.

The lightheartedness in Rocket makes it an accessible style for many. Expectations are left at the door in a Rocket class, and movements on your mat take shape with curiosity and compassion. Of course, this is the message inferred across all styles of yoga taught here at the studio, but in Rocket, you’ll definitely find your teacher reminding you to listen to your body! Breaks in child pose are always encouraged if anything is ever too much.

Many find Rocket to be a real confidence booster. Because less emphasis is placed on what shapes you are making, and more on how it feels, you may find yourself flying into postures you’ve never tried before, or becoming more comfortable in one’s that always seemed intimidating. Many of us have more strength than we give ourselves credit for, but sometimes our expectations hold us back from trying something new.

In a similar way to Ashtanga, your Rocket teacher will encourage you to stay with the breath as they guide you through a fast-paced practice. Half the challenge of the sequence is focussing the mind away from physical sensations in the body. When you do, the practice can become more of a moving meditation.

Ultimately, the self-awareness encouraged in Rocket can be really transformative. Combining power, patience and play, Rocket is a practice that evolves with you, deeper some days and gentler the next. Poses will come with time, and even then they may well go again.

As Larry Schultz said, “our weaknesses become our strengths, and our strengths our weaknesses.” Nothing is fixed and that, if anything, is what Rocket Yoga is all about.

If you’d like to try a Rocket class, then we have plenty on our schedule - currently all online, with one park class if you’re local to Bristol! Do have a look and book on if you fancy giving Rocket a go. All Trika at Home classes are available for playback for 24 hours if you can’t make the exact times below. Pricing can be found here.

Tuesday’s 9.30am Rocket Yoga with Joey

Tuesday’s 12.30pm Trika in the Park: Rocket Yoga with Lizzie

Thursday’s 12.30pm Rocket Yoga with Joey

Friday’s 4.45pm Rocket Yoga with Lizzie

Saturday’s 9.15am Rocket Yoga: extended 90 mins with Lizzie

Sunday’s 4.15pm Rocket Yoga: extended 90 mins with Lizzie

If you try out any of the classes above, then we’d love to hear about it. Remember to tag us on social media @trikayoga so we can see!

And if you have any questions about this style or anything else yoga-related, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly desk team. :)