We’ve just started introducing some Trika in the Park sessions to our schedule and it got us thinking about what it means to be able to practice together again.

Lockdown has changed a lot of things for us all, and one of those was being able to move through a flow side by side. Up until now, we’ve been bringing you online classes to support you in your home practice, and whilst it’s been amazing to still be able to connect to you all in this way, there’s nothing quite like yoga’ing together in one space.

So we thought now would be a nice time to sum up exactly why we love and value practicing together so much!

For us, and hopefully you all too, the studio was a space away from it all. Whilst it’s great our mats can be rolled out pretty much anywhere and we can move through a practice, there’s something about doing this in a dedicated space. Separate from our homes, workplaces and other social hang outs, the yoga studio often gives us a feeling of distance, from the outside world, from our lives and from any worries we might be having. Stepping into a space we associate with calm really helps us shake any stresses from our day and find some quiet clarity on our mats.

It’s also wonderful to be surrounded by people when doing so. Whilst practice can be a really inward experience, moving and meditating with other students can be really unifying. Whether it’s a led flow or a self practice style class, you can often feel the energy of other students in the room. You might notice how this fuels your practice and leaves you feeling more connected to other people as well as yourself. It’s kind of magical that we can bond in this way, without even uttering a word.

And that leads us on to our final, and probably most important, point. The sense of community that comes from practicing together is beyond wonderful. Part of the reason the studio is such a special place is because it makes you feel part of something. Whether it’s the familiar face of a fellow student or teacher, the studio brings together so many interesting, lovely people. Chatting amongst themselves about their practice and more, it's always wonderful to see friendships forming before and after class. Yoga means 'unity' and practicing together really embodies the connective essence at its core.

Whilst we still can't currently practice in the studio, we are now permitted (in groups of max 6) to meet up outside and move. It's been three long months of having no contact in any way at all, so we are excited to be able to run park sessions for you in these small but equally special groups. Trika in the Park will run most days of the week, 1 class a day, for the foreseeable until one day soon we can reopen our doors. Until then, please enjoy these lovely outdoor sessions and enjoy seeing and connecting with each other once more.

To book on, head to our schedule and look out for Trika in the Park classes. To secure a spot, you can buy our 1x Class Park Pass for £7 or use any of your in-person class passes, subscriptions or memberships. We can't wait to practice with you.