Hi! Thanks for checking Trika Yoga out, and our live-streamed schedule offerings in this time. More than ever we are thankful for the community we are in and a part of, and whether teaching, or practicing, the practice has been such a grounding in our new routines.

We thought we'd put together a little list about what classes would be suitable for you if you're coming to us as a beginner; totally new to Yoga! These classes and all yoga classes really simply encourage movement linking up to the breath, and an awareness of being in the moment. However this list might help you if you're struggling to choose what to go for :)

If you're totally new and want a gentle introduction:
• Gentle Flow • Hatha Yoga • Yin Yoga • Restorative Yoga • Hatha + Yin • Yoga Nidra •

These classes have a lovely calm pace to them, with movement that's steady and with lots of time to explore your state of being. Classes like Gentle and Hatha encourage a nice exploration of the body and mind, breathing systems, and are a great start for the start for your yoga journey.

Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, are classes that encourage slowing down, release of stress and tension, and can be particularly lovely if you struggle with shutting off from the day or need to create space for a busy mind.

If you're totally new and want something faster paced to start / if you've had some but little experience:
• Hatha Yoga • Vinyasa Flow • Strength & Conditioning • Core + Release • Core Yoga Flow • Ashtanga Basics • Yin Yang Flow • + all the classes in the above section are great to dive into too!

These classes above are for those who perhaps prefer diving in with faster paced classes, or for those who's had some prior experience with Yoga and want to dive back in and prefer something with faster movement. They are generally faster paced and suit folk who need lots of movement in order to relax!

Our livestreamed classes have a chatbox option so do type in the chat if you're totally new and want the teacher to know. This is an option if you're joining the class at their allocated start times on the schedule :)

The teachers too tend to offer modifications in the class, so do take the options that you find the best suited for you! Always remember its better to take it steady, rather than push it too much. And if you ever need a break, there is always childs pose. Which is a rest knelt down, with your head resting on the floor. Or you could just take a seat on the floor for a breather. We 100% encourage you to stay tuned to yourself and how you're feeling, and know that every day is different! :)

We hope you found this short post and list helpful! We've also got our class descriptions on the website, so do have a peruse there too. Or if it's abit long, just drop us an email on the comments or contact form and we can get back to you with your query!

Take care everyone

Team Trika