Trika Cork Yoga Mat

We are SOLD OUT of these for now! Any orders from the 16th April onwards will be PREORDERS. We will update here when the new batch is expected in :) Thank you!

Say hello to our Trika cork yoga mat! Our natural, recyclable, non-slip, naturally anti-bacterial mat. Our mat features a cork top and a durable, sticky rubber base, and is wonderful to practice on! So say the folk at our studio, who have welcomed our cork mats in classes with open arms :) No more slipping, and it's lovely and warming and so very cushioned for your body too.

Our cork mats are:

• Rubber backed - so no more mat slipping on the floor!

• A grippy and durable, yet cushioned cork surface

• Naturally anti-microbial; making it resistant to germs and bacteria, AND hypoallergenic.

Thickness: 3mm

Size: 183 x 61 cm

Weight: 2.5kg

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