// WE ARE OPEN! //

Do have a read about our opening FAQs

How do we book classes?
Book classes via the schedule as per usual! You will be able to see the studio classes as they are prefixed by 'At the Studio:...' followed by your class name.

What about Trika at Home?
Trika at Home will continue, so those on your home memberships, do not worry! There are staying put :)

What about my different passes?
'At the Studio' classes will be bookable with your previous in-studio class passes you've had with us. If you've asked us to previously suspend this, do just email us to ask us to reactivate them.

Are you offering extensions as we couldn't use our in-studio passes since March?
Rest assured yes indeed we are! Simply pop us an email and let us know you'd like an extension and we will chat to you on there and sort it out!

What will class numbers be?
We will only be operating with 6 students per class, in Studio 1. Each spot is nicely segmented off from the other person, with a PVC protective hanging sandwiched between light, breezy cotton fabric. (Think beach-vibes.. :D)

What is the set up of the room?
We will pop some photos on the Instagram when we get this all set up, but basically there will be 3 people on each side, separated by our PVC + fabric hanging dividers, with the yoga teacher in the middle of the room.

What classes will be at the studio?
For now we are starting with a limited schedule for our At the Studio classes. They will mainly be 7am, 9.30am, 12.30pm, 4.45pm, and either a 6.15pm or 7 onwards pm class.

Class timings and why so little classes at the studio at the moment?
Classes will be spread out enough so that there is 30 minutes (at least) between classes for time to clean the studio before the next class.

Some cross-over with Trika at Home and At the Studio classes..
All our At the Studio classes will also be live-streamed for our Trika at Home members! The camera will be pointing at the teacher and set up in such a way that we try not to capture any class attendees. (You might have an arm sticking in the frame.. )

What about mats and props?
For now, as precaution, we require that you bring your own mat and any props that you need for class. There will be mat wipes for you to wipe down your mats before and after class.

Hand sanitiser?
Each yoga spot in the class will have their own bottle of hand sanitiser too for you to sanitise upon entry and before exit of the studio. There will also be another bottle at the desk for you to use.

What's the update about massages?
Good news- massages are BACK ON TOOOOOOO!! Wooooo, we are excited about this. They will take place in Studio 2, with no classes happening in studio 2 for now this will be solely a massage room for the forseeable future. You can book your massages the usual way - via the massages tab! Do make payment online before arrival if you can and please bring 2 of your own towels for your massage. More details massage info on the 'Massages' menu tab.

Will reception be open?
We are currently figuring out our reception staff timetables for this but generally yes! This will be similar as before Covid :) Except that our desk staff will be wearing a mask.

Are the toilets available to be used?

Yes you will be able to use the toilet and changing room. However we remind you to please throughly wash your hands after, and to also not linger in the changing room before or after class. To limit time spent in the changing rooms we would advise that you arrive ready to jump straight into your yoga class. However we understand not everyone will be able to do this due to some work and life constraints, and in this case, do use the changing rooms! :) FYI Toilets are only reserved for us of the desk team, teaching staff and you that are booked onto classes.

Any other queries or anything else you would like us to add on here, do email in at contact@trikayoga.co.uk. Thank you so much and we can't wait to see your beautiful faces at the studio! <3