// We've made some playlists for you to choose from to listen to during your practice with Trika at Home! Simply scroll down, choose one and press play.You can also click Follow to find us on Spotify and play from there too! //

For a Happy Mellow Groove

Let the Sunshine In

For Slowing Down Snoozes

For Rest and Relaxation

For Morning Moving

For Getting Into It Vibes

For Some Feels

For Evening Chill Time

For When You Wanna Move!

For Space to Recenter

For Pressing Reset on the Day with

For Uplifting Vibes

For a Strong, Steady Practice

For a Steady Vinyasa

For a Calm Space

For a Yin Times

For Soothing Vibes

For Relaxed Feels

For Slow Steady Moving

For Days In