Post Christmas massage bookings available 28 - 30 Dec! WOO!

• Your massage will be in a dedicated massage room.

Please bring 2 towels for your massage appointment. For pregnancy massage, bring a third extra small towel.
This will help us greatly to maintain as clean and as personalised an environment as we can possibly do for you for massages! You will take home your towels after your appointment. (We know this bit might be obvious but thought best to write down anyway! :D)

• You will need to wear a face mask at reception area while you're waiting for your massage if you've arrived early. It will then be optional for you to keep your face mask on during the massage, or you can choose to take it off.

• Your therapist will be wearing a face mask and other suitable PPE throughout the massage.

• All surfaces will be sanitised and cleaned after each massage we have at the studio.

• Please pay online, before your appointment, so we can limit any issues with no-shows for booked appointments.

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you all very soon!!


We also have a range of massages & therapies on offer at the studio. Do search for what you're after in the form below, or simply email us with what type of appointment you wish to make, and a date and time that suits and we can arrange the rest.

Our Massage prices are below! Scroll down.. :)

What we offer //

Holistic Massage with Tamsin, Sam or Rosa

Meaning 'whole', this type of massage is our most popular and encompasses all areas of the body. Please let your therapist know in advance if there's anywhere specific you'd like them to focus before melting into an hour (or more!) of nourishing and nurturing massage. Leave feeling balanced, harmonised and super relaxed.

See more therapies below..

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage with Tamsin or Rosa

Massage is a way of giving yourself nourishment in this crucial period in both your and your baby's development. It can help you feel more comfortable in your body - whether that's changing body image, or aches in your muscles. Our pregnancy and postnatal massages aims to help ease sore spots and relax muscle tension. We pay attention to your abdomen, lower back and hips and upper back. A great treat for new mums or mums-to-be.

Deep Sports Massage with Sam, Tamsin

The benefits of this therapy aren't just reserved for professional athletes. Sports massage is suitable for anyone looking to get deep into the muscle fibres to find more space and strength in their body. Your therapist will use a variety of massage techniques for deep and soft tissue release, increasing the elasticity of your muscles, relieving tightness and assisting in the healing of any microscopic tears. Leave feeling invigorated and soothed in body and mind.

Indian Head Massage with Joey

Upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp often hold tightness or tension from long hours sitting, looking at screens or hunching over phones. This treatment calms the mind and helps to relieve mental and emotional stress. It also stimulates and heals helping ease headaches, insomnia and stimulating the hair follicles. Expect to feel soothed and reenergised after your Indian Head Massage.

Thai Massage with Rosa

The basis of traditional Thai massage works with applying manual pressure at key points on acupressure points to support and rejuvenate the flow of energy through the body. The massage is done on a futon on the floor, and is fully clothed. Being on the floor allows our therapist to stretch you out- you'll recognise some yoga postures during your massage!

Reflexology with Tamsin

Reflexology rests on the ancient Chinese belief in qi, our “vital energy.” According to this belief, qi flows through each person and when we are stressed, the flow of qi is blocked through the body. Reflexology aims to keep qi flowing through the body, keeping it balanced and disease free. In Chinese medicine, different body parts correspond with different pressure points on the body. In reflexology, your therapist will use maps of these points in the feet, hands, and ears to determine where they should apply pressure.


Holistic Massage

60 minutes .................... £50
75 minutes .................... £60
90 minutes .................... £65

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

45 minutes .................... £40
60 minutes .................... £50
75 minutes .................... £60
90 minutes .................... £65

Thai Massage

60 minutes .................... £50
75 minutes .................... £60

Indian Head Massage

45 minutes .................... £40


60 minutes .................... £50