We also have a range of massages on offer at the studio. Do search for what you're after in the form below, or simply email us with what type of appointment you wish to make, and a date and time that suits and we can arrange the rest.

// What we offer //

Deep Sports Massage with Martin

Martin has a track record – quite literally – as a former national standard 800m athlete. Because he understands the sports landscape, he uses his knowledge in massage to keep you active and enjoying your sport and well being.

Thai Massage with Olu

The basis of traditional Thai massage works with applying manual pressure at key points on acupressure points to support and rejuvenate the flow of energy through the body. The massage is done on a futon on the floor, and is fully clothed. Being on the floor allows our therapist to stretch you out- you'll recognise some yoga postures during your massage!

Holistic Massage with Olu, Laura or Peter

This massage is tailored to you to aid and relieve tension, using a variety of massage techniques which suit your situation the best. We work as a whole- taking into account your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing during the massage.

Indian Head Massage with Joey

Upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp often hold tightness or tension from long hours sitting, looking at screens or hunching over phones. This treatment calms the mind and helps to relieve mental and emotional stress. It also stimulates and heals helping ease headaches, insominia and stimulating the hair follicles. A deeply relaxing treatment that will help you feel soothed and re-energised.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Massage is a way of giving yourself nourishment in this crucial period in both your and your baby's development. It can help you feel more comfortable in your body - whether that's changing body image, or aches in your muscles. Our postnatal massage aims to help ease sore spots and relax muscle tension from the birth and from caring after your new baby. We pay attention to your abdomen, lower back and hips and upper back. A postnatal massage is a wonderful practice to help soothe new mums. It can be very relaxing in the midst of the chaos of bringing a newborn home.