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A deep dive into Sound Healing

A deep dive into Sound Healing

Ever listened to some music or a podcast to calm down? Find the sounds of nature particularly soothing? Then you've probably already experienced the healing benefits of sound.

Where did sound healing come from?

For those of you who have seen Sound workshops and therapies pop up on our schedule and wondered what that could mean, then wonder no more! Sound healing is an ancient form of therapy that originates from cultures across Tibet, India, Nepal and indigenous Australia, as well as having a role in civilisations such as ancient Greece and Egypt.

What's the science behind sound healing?

Promoting release and relaxation on the level of the nervous system, the frequencies in a sound healing workshop work in slowing down the breath, your heart rate, and brain waves, allowing the body to enter a restorative state, similar to when we are dreaming! As when we sleep, the body's self-healing system is activated, hence why the practice is often termed a therapy, or 'healing'. Feeling safe and able to fully relax, thoughts can be processed, and any space we may need can be reached as we surrender to the meditation of sounds.


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What are the benefits?

Well we've already touched on the psychological benefits, of which there are plenty. Being able to create space around our thoughts, to drop out of our heads and into a space of deeper restoration and relaxation, can help with states of heightened anxiety, mood disorders, depression, stress and our cognitive memories. On a physical level, the body is also provided the opportunity to heal… sound can help with fatigue, management of pain, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and decreasing the risk of heart disease.

If you enjoy exploring energetic practices tied to the Hindu and Buddhist lineages of the chakra system, then sound frequencies are also believed to clear the chakra channel, creating balance and releasing any energetic blockages.

What is a sound bath?

You may have heard this term related to our monthly sound workshop's run by the lovely Lousie Coy. The word 'bath' doesn't literally mean we plunge into some water together, but more a space where the sound 'washes' over you. Expect grounding movement practices to begin, settling into our bodies, before we lie back, assisted by plenty of props for extra cosiness, to receive the restoring frequencies of sound. While you rest, Louise will be playing a range of traditional instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas and chimes, to create a multi-layered soundscape to help you ease into a deep meditation. Many people emerge from a sound bath feeling wonderfully rested, others more energised — it depends where your levels were when you entered the space. Either way, it is one of the most restoring practices on offer at the studio. Even if you aren't feeling particularly fatigued, the subtlety in sound healing is something all our systems could benefit from.


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For a more tailored approach, we also offer Thai Massage with Sound Healing, with Anna Loveridge, a more recent addition to our repertoire! Alongside the gorgeous depths of touch and movement in the Thai massage practice, the addition of sound can activate a more integrated process for healing, working with the body on a cellular level. Anna uses instruments such as singing bowls, the bamboo flute, gong, tongue drum and wind chimes on and off the body, sonically entraining the brain in a deep regulation of emotions. Like our group sound bath, our natural healing processes and ability to relax are activated here :)

Want to explore the benefits of sound healing for yourself. Book your place on our next Sound Workshop: Yoga Nidra, Yin & Sound Workshop here, or make an appointment for our Thai Massage with Sound Healing today! <3

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