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Membership for our MoveGB'ers

Membership for our MoveGB'ers

Roll up, roll up (your mats and get down to the studio!) MoveGB'ers, we've got a great membership for you!

Whether you climb, HIIT, weight train, box, yoga can be a great complementary form of movement and relaxation to support your hobbies. It's easy to forget to stretch after exercise - having a commitment of classes throughout the week creates that much needed space to calm our bodies and stay limber.. Below we explain this a little more :)


MoveGB Trika Yoga Membership

Why should I take up yoga?

You've probably heard a friend banging on about the benefits of yoga, and for good reason! With lots of different styles and classes rarely the same, it's a practice that really works through the entire body, stretching, strengthening, lengthening and connecting down every limb. Exploring all these different movement mechanisms within us serves to keep us limber in our bodies, and can ease off any tightness patterns that start to form in the body over time, from life and our main activity / sport.

And that's just the movement part! Class is also a chance to drop you into a deeper state of stillness, relax your body and also your mind. We always close practice with Savasana, a lying down posture of rest, so you can soak up all that goodness you've cultivated on your mat, and learn to let the body reset and repair itself.


MoveGB Trika Yoga Membership


So what's yoga like at Trika?

We are a welcoming, friendly space with super lovely people that really just love to share what’s helped us in our lives. Our team of teachers and desk-ies love welcoming people and have absolutely no expectations of you, whether you are beginning or already somewhere in amongst your yoga journey. Everybody is always welcome here, for whatever reason you may want to try yoga! 💕

With lots of styles to choose from at all times every day of the week, we're sure to have something that speaks to whatever you need to complement your lifestyle. If you’re not sure where to start and you’d like us to put together some class recommendations for you, our desk team are available to answer any questions you might have about our different classes! Just drop us an email- we love helping everyone figure out the most suitable practice for you!

MoveGB Trika Yoga Membership


I'm keen! What's the deal?

Perfect for those who enjoy being active, our Trika X MoveGB Yoga for Stiff Bodies Membership includes 12 yoga classes a month for just £13.99 per week.

More details of the membership and its perks can be found over at MoveGB, where you can sign up for the deal too. Any questions about the payment details, do direct them there, but anything you want to know about us - ask away! Email us at :)

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