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Q+A with Claire Wilshire

Q+A with Claire Wilshire
Claire came to yoga whilst exploring mindfulness and mental health and she has been practicing for many years. She loves to make her practise fun yet grounding, and to find what feels good on that day for both mind, breath and body. At Trika, she teaches Gentle Restorative Flow weekly, and can be found covering classes in a similarly restful realm. Today we are chatting to Claire a little about how she got into teaching and how she spends her time on and off the mat!
Trika Yoga Studio Bristol

We've known you at Trika for many years, first as a student and then as a teacher Tell us a little bit about your yoga journey...

I’ve known I wanted to teach for a long time, but I dedicated a lot of time to my practice first and also being a mother. I eventually completed my teacher training during the covid lockdown and loved it. I’ve always wanted to share the happiness and peace yoga gives me with others and now I finally can. I’m studying more, enhancing my restorative teaching skills and also trauma sensitive and inclusive yoga; it’s really important to me everyone feels welcome and relaxed in my classes.


Lovely. So, restorative yoga - what have you found personally beneficial about this practice and what do you like sharing about it?

Restorative found me in the end... I’d always thought it would be too calming for me and not enough movement like vinyasa. And now, the more I practice and teach it the more I’m seeing how it can benefit everyone. Even if just once a week. It’s so important to down regulate yourself. Now when I teach, I love seeing people giving themselves permission to just be where they are without pressure to do any more.


What is your off-the-mat yoga?

Rocket and vinyasa has always been my go to on the mat, but now I’m integrating more yin, restorative and somatics into my daily practice. So I’m able to use that off the mat, to remember to stop and breathe. Simply to stop and take in the surroundings of where I am. 

I also love playing Pokémon with my daughter, sometimes having fun and not being an adult takes me away from the serious side of life and grounds me down to the place I need to be in that moment.


That sounds like fun. Have you read any good books recently?

I’ve just read 'Devon Copperhead' by Barbara Kingsolver. It's possibly one of the best books I’ve read. I’m also reading Anna Ashby's restorative yoga book too.


Trika Yoga Bristol


And finally, since its summer, how have you been spending the time off?

I went camping. I went to the Gower peninsula to stay in a caravan. I made to Majorca as well! But mostly, it's been nice this summer to just be a mum, to teach yoga and find some time to enjoy myself.


You can find Claire teaching at the following times:

Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm, Gentle Restorative Flow

Fridays 6-7pm, Gentle Restorative Flow


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