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Q+A with Christina Ashmole

Q+A with Christina Ashmole

Having walked through Trika’s doors back in 2016 when they first opened, Chrissy’s own yoga journey continued along side. 😌🌻

Like many, she found meditation through movement but soon opened up her journey through meditation and self reflection. Yoga has always been the best tool to help ground her busy self and busy mind. Through the peak of lockdown 2020, she took the opportunity to further her learning and began her 200hr ytt. 💚

We thought we'd grab her for a lil chat!!  

Hey Chrissy! So nice to chat. Firstly, how are you? How is your year going?

Hello! It's been quite some time! I'm doing wonderfully, thank you. My year has been a mix of change and transition, interwoven with moments of familiarity and comfort. I've just embarked on a new full-time job, celebrated the marriage of a dear lifelong friend, and had the joy of reuniting with my family from across the globe, including Bahrain, the Philippines, Houston, and Japan, for a memorable family holiday.

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You’ve been coming here since the early days! 😀 We’d be interested in hearing your relationship with the studio. When did you start coming and what role has Trika played in your practice and now teaching? What does Trika mean to you?

I have indeed! I initially joined Trika when they first opened their doors. I had only dabbled in yoga a few times at home and at gyms, never at a dedicated studio. I must admit I was quite nervous initially because I used to be shy and introverted.

However, once I started attending classes, my worries faded away. The teachers were incredibly friendly and made it clear that as a beginner, there were no expectations or pressure about how a practice should look or feel.

As I continued attending classes, I explored various yoga styles, got to know the teachers a little better, and my personal practice flourished, becoming a part of my daily life. Trika played such an important role in establishing a consistent personal practice, helping me feel more at ease in both body and mind, and became more confident both on and off the mat, and ultimately finding my voice! 

From a teacher’s perspective, tell us about the benefits of a strong asana practice. What does it give you, and what do you see it gives to your students?

A strong asana practice of course helps build strength within the body which some people come for initially, but it also offers us the opportunity to explore our edge and get “uncomfortable”, to test our capabilities, fostering growth physically and mentally, whilst reminding us that times of discomfort can be temporary.

I personally love the heat generated in a strong practice coupled with focused breathwork. It really helps in anchoring me to the present moment.

Giving me complete awareness, free from judgment or preconceived notions. Creating space afterwards for deep relaxation through our movement and efforts.

It’s been so lovely to witness some of my students not only develop greater physical strength over time, but also to see them find confidence in navigating and deciding what they need from their practice each time. Strength can manifest in rest, the ability to honour one’s body and in the determination to push yourself.  Strength doesn't always manifest visibly!

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Since embarking on the journey as a yoga teacher, what is the most surprising thing you’ve learnt?
As I’ve embraced my journey as a yoga teacher, one of the most surprising things I’ve discovered is the incredible diversity of people who come to yoga for all sorts of reasons. It’s pretty mind-blowing how yoga doesn’t care about your age, where you’re from, or how fit you are, it’s there for everyone to grow and heal. The way simple yoga practices can totally transform both the body and mind of my students is amazing. Seeing these transformations has been a real eye-opener for me.

And finally, what are you grateful for?
Most recently, sharing movement with others, whether that is through yoga, gym, dance or a nice little walk! Fully enjoy the body that you have!

You can find Christina's classes🌷 every Wednesday evening, 7.30-8.30pm! 🌷

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