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Summer to Autumn.. A Mindful Transition between Seasons

Summer to Autumn.. A Mindful Transition between Seasons

Here we are again! Is it just us or does Autumn always sneak up on us, and every year, despite having had countless Autumn's in the years before; the darker evenings still come as a slight surprise?

While we say a farewell for now of the Summer months (although this year, we didn't quite have a big summer!), we welcome our Autumn to Winter season that invites us to turn inward, eat heartier food, savour cosy moments..


Please shine down on me!

Sometimes what's hard to deal with is the lack of actual sun that hits our skin. We know all the benefits of sunshine - Vit D production, seratonin boost, melatonin regulation (for our wake-sleep cycles) to name a few. So it makes sense that when the seasons get darker, we naturally might feel a drop in mood, and we struggle! 

Don't forget to keep on top of supplementing, cosy down with autumnal hearty meals that make you feel warm and nourished, and perhaps bring in some play into your practice to bring up the light feelings within you. 

In practice, try incorporating energising, playful postures! Whatever feels fun and light for you - some examples could be balancing in side plank, a sun salutation with hops around the mat for the transitions in between or just rolling around your mat, making whatever shapes happen!


Dive into the Cosy

Autumn is synonymous with cozy blankets, and if you can't beat them, join them. Get all the blankets, jumpers, bolsters, socks out. Wrap yourself in the warmth of a blanket during meditation or savasana as your knees rest on a bolster. Allow the feeling of comfort to seep into your practice, reminding you to be kind to yourself as the seasons change.

Perhaps making extra time at the end of your practice to cosy down sooner. Can you find more space to let yourself just lie in rest?


Balance the Change

In yoga, we often seek balance. We touched a little above on bringing in more playfulness to your practice (and days!), so lets continue on that tangent by seeking balance to your energy. Allow yourself to feel more aware of what energy you have in your day. Practice postures (even if you just chuck one in, mid-work!) that balance out what you are currently feeling. If you are cold, try a posture or sequence that will warm you up.. feeling too energised, try something grounding (eg. a squat or tree pose).. feeling lethargic, seek your go-to postures that energises you! 

We don't want to write a list of postures as everyone will find different things from a posture. For example, where Warrior postures can invoke a sense of energy for some, for others it could have a fluid effect on you! However we encourage you to explore and feel into your body and how your energy levels respond for you in different postures that you know! 💕

It's not the easiest changing seasons, despite how many times we do it in our lives! Let's shift our perspective though in finding joy in the beauty of the changing season.

After all, in yoga and in life, we simply seek to learn about our balance with all the changing elements we live through. 🍂✨ 

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